Secrets of The 200 MPG Carburetor 

Secrets of The 200 MPG Carburetor

Dear Fellow Car Enthusiast:

Thanks for requesting this report on the "200 MPG Carburetor." It should inspire you. It may make you angry. It may answer some of your questions, while raising a few more. For example.

These questions have been running through my mind, How about you? Is the motoring public the victim of a cruel, profit-motivated rip-off...have carburetors been developed, but suppressed by "big oil interests," that are capable of giving our cars and trucks better than 200 miles per gallon of gasoline? Is there any truth in the rumor that there are cars on the road today that actually get this fabled mileage?


1. Reportedly between 1933 and 1936 a Canadian, Charles N. Pogue, was a awarded a number of patents covering a new, vaporization type carburetor. In 1936, he installed a working model on 1935, 8 cylinder coupe, and turned the car over to a leading car company of Canada, for testing.

2. Further reports claim the car achieved an astonishing 205.5 miles per gallon of gas. The car company "one of the big 3 in Detroit" reportedly documented this performance in writing. The same vehicle was then reportedly mileage tested by other Canadian automotive agencies. Results, also reportedly documented, were the same: over 200 MPG under average driving conditions. One report stated, "It performed equal to, if not better, than any car with a standard carburetor."

3. According to a leading automotive journal, when the story broke, the Toronto Stock Exchange was swamped with orders to dump all oil stock.

4. Shortly thereafter allegations were made that, Pogue's carburetor "disappeared." No further tests were conducted, no fresh stories appeared in print. Did Pogue sell out? He supposedly denied doing so. Yet in a short time, Pogue (previously a man of reputed modest means), owned a factory that manufactured oil filters. No Carburetors.


Below are a few letters we've received lately. Why would people be writing back to us if the vaporizing principle was a hoax? These people are just like you and I. Not some huge corporation. These are real people telling of their experiences with vaporization. Listen to what they say.

G.D. of Il., writes that he has been offered a $100,000 a year job to quit playing around with his hobby. We haven't heard from him for some time.

R.P. of Wisc., says he averages 80 MPG on his Oldsmobile Toronado, He says he got as high as 149 MPG with his first prototype model and is now working on another one to install in a Chevy with 283 V8 that he expects to do better than 180 MPG with.

R.C. of TX., Has on his device for more than a year now and has applied for patent. He has been able to get as high as 110 MPG under some testing, but normally the average is not quite that good. He has had a couple of mechanics helping him and has worked out just about every problem anyone could think of ever having in a system of this type. He has been in touch with us quite often during his research and he now feels that the device is about ready to market. He is looking for backers if you might be interested, get in touch with him.

R.G., of FL., Has been giving Seminars and claims to get 45 to 65 MPG on a 1976 Cadillac with 425 cid V8 engine.

B.W. of W.V., has been working on these things for several years. He now has been working on these things for several years. He now has three different carburetors and one of them gets him 60 MPG on his Chrysler Cordoba. Last we heard about him was that he was going into production and market one of the carbs at about $250.

If you're interest in contacting these people we have names, addresses and in some cases phone numbers listed in our new update. Available when you purchase the manual.



If the Pogue story is true, why isn't it on the market? Surely then it must be a hoax. Anything with that type of gas savings should go into production immediately to make the U.S.A. energy strong and reduce inflation by leaps and bounds. And the Leader of every nation should be pushing for mass production of these devices. Yet from 1936 to the present date no 200 MPG CARBURETOR is in production on a mass scale and the Pogue Patent is now expired. Anyone can build it now. What can all this mean to you? As stated before decide for yourself! Can we get America motivated to overcome these sinister forces that don't even want you to read about the Patent Drawings & Descriptions of Pogue (now expired), plus many more Drawings & Descriptions of other pioneering inventors.



Send for your Big "Secrets of the 200 MPG Carburetor" FACT or FICTION Manual today, and get set for an automotive adventure! Read it at your leisure...Study eye opening drawings and descriptions. The price? Only $14.95...about half the price of a tank of gas!

Then if your not convinced this is priceless information...If you don't consider it a prized addition to your reference library. I want you to return it for prompt refund at the end of 30 days. You risk nothing. But if you think that's all, wait! We've got more, go to our Amazing Bonus report below. You'll be absolutely amazed!

Order TODAY while we can ship your manual immediately. As you can imagine, it's an all time best seller for us and our present supply is limited. I got the feeling there are some shade tree mechanics just waiting to get their hands on this type of information. Why not share this information with a friend.

Yours for a Better America

P.S. Why not order a copy of Solar Alcohol Fuel you can make in your backyard, which normally sells for $ here for this amazing report Yours for only $7.95 when you order both manuals,$14.95 & $7.95 for a total of $22.90 plus $3.10 shipping = $25.00 order by PAY PAL in confidence.

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Not only that there are plans available for FREE, no charge! For instance a man devised a way to pull electricity out of the ground with simple materials many people have at home. He discovered that he could light a simple led light from just one of his devices. When the light went on in his head (no pun intended) he simply multiplied his device and says he powered his whole home with no moving parts, by merely what the good earth provided him. FREE Heat & Free Electricity and he claims it comes from the very ground you stand on.

Nearly everything you need about FREE ENERGY is in the two FREE BONUS SITES we are going to direct you to. Some sites are charging as much as $300.00 for the information I'm about to reveal to you, but you get much more than those sites could ever offer and it's FREE! You'll never have to order a FREE Energy report again. I've searched for 30 years and never, have I seen anything that even comes close to what I've just described to you above. The reason these sites are still up is because it's FREE. I'm sure they have to charge for something, but I'm still looking. I haven't even scratched the surface of what your eyes are about to behold...You absolutely must see these sites to believe it. Why wait any longer get your order in TODAY!

We offer everything above due to the controversial nature as a novelty item and most people know why. But you be the judge. Is what we're saying FACT OR FICTION? One thing I do know is the Truth Shall Set You FREE!

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